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i dared myself to draw something as edgy as i possibly could and here's the result 
damn look at all those photoshop effects
also this isn't a vent just so you know im not the type of person that makes vents litterally ever
Trashley [Undertale Oc]
well i've been talking about redesigning her for a looong time now, so i finally did it!
is it too late tho? is this fandom too dead by now? oh well


Trashley Bagman is a simple Tumblr user, she sees a human, she gets triggered.
She lives in a cardboard "house" she made wich is pretty much just 2 walls and a ceiling held up by a log she found while searching for some plushies she had seen there in the garbage dump. the blurred out trashcan in the background is pretty much her "fridge", she only eats trash and things you'd put in the trash but accidentally left rotting in your desk (totally not talking about me).
Her best friend is "Fly4Trash" on Tumblr, who she believed to be a fly at first, but then she discovered that "Fly" was actually a human. Despite hating humans and straigth out getting triggered by them, she accepted her. (Fly might or might not get a reference sheet, tho it will probably be a colored sketch) 
She loves everything pastel related especially when it's pastel green. Pastel gore is her favorite style of pastel.
On pacifist route, she stops hating humans by the end of the game, however on the genocide route she just says she'll "bitchslap the privilege out of you", but gets killed before causing any damage.
Woshua hates her but she secretely has a crush on them. all her other relationships with any canon characters are neutral and she knows most people only by sight, except Alphys, but she doesn't really know much about her.
Oliver White
Well this took really damn long ;;
but hey atleast it looks good?
yeah that hand looks kinda weird but the background compesates for it i guess lmao
Oliver white belongs to Pacthesis
well wowie guess today's the day i made my account 1 year ago 
not sure how i feel about this
Maybe i could do a ''draw this again'' with my first deviation? who knows i might've improved alot.
i love how my art is so useless that no one wants free requests 


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i unironically am part of the bee movie fandom
also i love jojo
don't talk to me or my 20 husbandos ever again


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